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Turkey To Go !
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Play! The classic game - move all your pieces to the opposite corner before the computer moves all his pieces to his opposite corner. Like in checkers, you can move a piece by only one hole or by jumping over a neighbor piece. Multiple consecutive jumps are allowed.
Chinese Checkers
Play! Guide Bunny around the screen collecting eggs and baby chicks for Easter presents. Kind and cute.
Easter Egg Hop
Play! Hit the required number of targets to pass to the next level.
Kwik Shot
Play! It's a very active house market: buy and then sell them at higher prices to earn enough money for buying the big mansion.
Mansion Impossible
Play! Remember the path to the target and then move the mouse to it without hitting any obstacles, which will become invisible after you start the movement.
Mouse In Danger
Play! You start with 10 drops. Use them to glow blobs until they burst. Nice chain reaction :)
Splash Back
Play! Drive your car very carefully to the exit without hitting any obstacle in your way.
Vintage Carbon
Play! One planet, some buildings and many falling evil meteors. Defend your buildings from these meteors by rotating the planet by dragging it with the mouse.
World Defense
Play! A beautiful and simple game. The sky is yours...
Bird Flight
Play! Toss dwarves from a wharf to a ship by launching them with a slingshot.
Dwarf on a Wharf
Play! Click and hold the left mouse button to go up, release it to go down. Can you beat our record of 4104 ?
Play! A boy is zombied by love and looks for girls in the empty realms he travels through.
Led By Love
Play! Collect all of the marbles. Avoid colliding with walls.
Lost Marbles
Play! 20 famous tunes to guess
Name That Tune
Play! Place gem turrets on the field to destroy the enemies. Upgrade the turrets to get better chances.
Gem Turret Defense
Play! Match colors with enemies to survive.
Color Defense
Play! A great flash version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!
Win One Million !!!
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