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2D PaintBall
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Play! Destroy slow cars, and drive as fast as you can !
Road Rage
Play! An interesting version of old Snake game. It has several new tricks and different maps.
Play! The life of that bubble is in your hands!
Soap Bubble
Play! The little mouse is never bored, his girl is permanently in danger. Feel like a small Super Man and fly above the Mouse Town!
Super Mickey
Play! Pick your Skate Boarder and grind the streets.
Play! Guide the egg to the pan by drawing lines with your mouse.
Egg Way
Play! Quite simple, clean and calm game - just shoot the enemy's planes before they shoot you.
Mustang Dogfight
Play! The enemy attacks you continuously with airships (zeppelins and hot air balloons). Shoot them all! More than an arcade, implies strategy and logical thinking.
Balloon Invasion
Play! Place gem turrets on the field to destroy the enemies. Upgrade the turrets to get better chances.
Gem Turret Defense
Play! You start with 10 drops. Use them to glow blobs until they burst. Nice chain reaction :)
Splash Back
Play! Score points by shooting cars or running into them (this takes 5% of your health). Beware of the Hitman.
Spy Hunter
Play! Use your tank wisely: destroy evil machines and save the cities.
Zorro Tank
Play! The classic game - move all your pieces to the opposite corner before the computer moves all his pieces to his opposite corner. Like in checkers, you can move a piece by only one hole or by jumping over a neighbor piece. Multiple consecutive jumps are allowed.
Chinese Checkers
Play! Use the arrow keys to move and clear all the blocks before the time runs out. Each time you step off of a block, its value decreases by one and it disappears when it becomes 0.
Platform Maze
Play! Keep the ball up as long as possible. You receive one point for each hit.
Sonar Challenge
Play! One of the best known games in the world.
Tic Tac Toe
Play! Twins, triplets... but what about nine crying kids? Make them sleep and you'll be rewarded by their innocent smile.
Make'Em Sleep
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