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Damn Birds
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Play! Classic board game. Players move alternately, during a move all enemy's pieces that are situated between and on the same line with the new placed piece and the old ones - are conquered. Player who at the end has most pieces wins.
Play! The virtual variant of the well-known game. A good trainer for your intuition ;)
Rock Paper Scissors
Play! A snake-like puzzle game using numbers. Avoid hitting walls and bombs.
Snake Numbers
Play! A hard game. You should reach the target avoiding all obstacles. Be careful of your ship's inertia - it's hard to control it.
Space Escape
Play! This kind-hearted looking man will take you through a billion tasks and will never leave you bored!
The Great Indian Magician
Play! Move the pile on another stick. Try to do it with 6 or 7 pieces...
The Towers of Hanoi
Play! Test your typing skills: type as fast as you can 10 sentences.
Typing Master
Play! Drop balls on the balance. Every ball has a set weight so drop them wisely. Match three balls of the same color horizontally or vertically to make them disappear.
Ball Balance
Play! The animals on the farm became enemies in the cute balloon wars. Go above the enemy and pop its balloons!
Barnyard Balloon
Play! Get rid of the silver balls. Don't be too generous wasting your moves- you'll need them in the upper levels.
Big Diamond
Play! An improvised kind of football-volleyball game. Win the tournament.
Euro Headers 2004
Play! Place gem turrets on the field to destroy the enemies. Upgrade the turrets to get better chances.
Gem Turret Defense
Play! A nice skiing game.
Go Santa !
Play! A classic board game. Play against the computer or against another player.
Play! A boy is zombied by love and looks for girls in the empty realms he travels through.
Led By Love
Play! An interesting adventure game - save the Hyrule forest by finding and destroying the 3 evil seeds.
Legend of Zelda
Play! Collect all of the marbles. Avoid colliding with walls.
Lost Marbles
Play! Pick up patients with your ambulance and take them to hospital. Do it fast to save them !
Manic Medic
Play! You need to traverse the fields as fast as possible. Be careful - they have many mines !
Mine Field
Play! Move your mouse from start to end, without hitting any obstacle. Click on 'Start' spot to start the level.
Mouse Avoider
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