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Doktor Fallout
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Play! Bring down your opponent's hive to win the fight. Aim at it and hold down the mouse button to attack.
Bee Boxing
Play! A beautiful and simple game. The sky is yours...
Bird Flight
Play! Gain control over the board. Jump near opponent's pieces to convert them into yours.
Blob Wars
Play! Use arrow keys to move around and collect all cogs. Avoid the guards at all costs !
Play! Guide Bunny around the screen collecting eggs and baby chicks for Easter presents. Kind and cute.
Easter Egg Hop
Play! Simply splash the flies.
Fly Swat
Play! Gather all gems without being stucked.
Gem Mania
Play! Drag the machines from bottom of the screen to move the grains into the bucket. You've got 1 minute and you need to catch 50 grains to move to the next level.
Grain Strain
Play! A pleasing flight deserves a pleasing landing. It's an art that becomes harder with every level.
Land The Balloon
Play! A really hungry shark - eat as much as possible, an beware of people's attacking you.
Mad Shark
Play! Twins, triplets... but what about nine crying kids? Make them sleep and you'll be rewarded by their innocent smile.
Make'Em Sleep
Play! Push all blocks to yellow spots before the time expires.
Penguin Push
Play! Create the perfect pizza !
Perfect Pizza
Play! Use the arrow keys to move and clear all the blocks before the time runs out. Each time you step off of a block, its value decreases by one and it disappears when it becomes 0.
Platform Maze
Play! Classic board game. Players move alternately, during a move all enemy's pieces that are situated between and on the same line with the new placed piece and the old ones - are conquered. Player who at the end has most pieces wins.
Play! The virtual variant of the well-known game. A good trainer for your intuition ;)
Rock Paper Scissors
Play! A snake-like puzzle game using numbers. Avoid hitting walls and bombs.
Snake Numbers
Play! The life of that bubble is in your hands!
Soap Bubble
Play! A hard game. You should reach the target avoiding all obstacles. Be careful of your ship's inertia - it's hard to control it.
Space Escape
Play! You start with 10 drops. Use them to glow blobs until they burst. Nice chain reaction :)
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